Ali Cook

Ali Cook by Diana Gomez
Ali Cook


Kane Brown is a name which has become associated with fearless and bold comedy. He is honest, energetic, quickwitted and hilariously funny. This fast paced comic will leave you breathless with laughter. He is highly regarded by his peers. Being described as ‘the owner of the stage’ (Comedy Store).It all started in 2006, with a short 14 day comedy course as a way to see if he could take his natural comedic personality to the general public. He found it an easy transition from direct salesman to stand up comedian. Dealing with people from all walks of life is his strength, which has allowed him to host or headline at any venue.

Kane has performed all over the country in many of the world renowned comedy venues (Comedy Store, Comedy Café, Jongleurs, Highlights, Glee, Catford theatre, Hackney Empire, Sheperds Bush Empire, Shaw Theatre, Indigo o2 to name a few). He once performed just before the infamous Chris Rock at the Comedy Store. In 2010 he also performed a set on MTV base, and has just performed for a Sky channel.

Travelling abroad has also been a part of his journey. Kane has performed in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Prague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Jamaica and Spain. Doing radio shows has also been a part of his range. He has been on Choice FM many times and also on Radio 1.

To add to this he has interviewed stars from the red carpet for film previews and premieres. From footballers to singers and the actors themselves. Kane always adds a comedy element to anything he does, as this is his natural way of interacting.